To Travel and To Stay


To Travel

Before you arrive, be sure that:

  • You have a valid identification document (passport or identification card);
  • You have the European Health Insurance Card;
  • You have documents proving your academic education;
  • You have financial resources to stay in the country (namely, to pay expenses with food, transports, health)


To Stay

After you arrive, if you are planning to stay more than 3 months, you should:

  • Register yourself and your family in the City Hall of your residence.
  • Request a Tax Payer's Card in a Tax Office;
  • Request a Health Card in the Health Centre of your residence;
  • Request a Social Security Card when starting your professional activity;
  • Open a bank account since payments (salary) are usually made by bank transfer;
  • If you have a certificate of professional competence or diplomas proving your academic education, you should request the recognition of these certificates and diplomas (you can also initiate the process before moving to Portugal; please contact the PNRQ - National Reference Point for Vocational Qualifications and/or the NARIC, Portugal, for more information).


Other Information

A foreign citizen (outside EU) who wants to enter Portugal must have a travel document that is valid at least three months in addition to the period of stay. He/She also must have a valid visa suitable to the purpose in end (short-stay visas, temporary stay visas or residence visas).

Visas should be requested at a Portuguese diplomatic mission or consulate in the country of origin.

Foreign people entering the country by way of a border not subject to border control shall be required to report this fact within three working days of such entry to the Foreigner and Border Service, except the foreign citizens residents in the country or with a permit to stay in the country for more than 6 months, or that benefit from the Community scheme or equivalent, or that take residence in hotels or similar.