Elena Wesely, 23 years old | Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

"Setubal is different, has a special charm"

Undergraduate Degree in Social Communication at IPS School of Education

When I was searching for a place to do my international exchange experience in different Portuguese cities, I wanted a place with my course, Social Communication. Then, I found Setubal. Its course called my attention because it was more technical. In my university it's more theoretical. Teachers follow each student, they explain everything and then they explain again in English, and take questions from each student. This is something that doesn't happen in my University. Here I can feel there is a very special commitment.

I found most things about Setubal when I arrived, the beaches, the sun and the weather. I found the good things of Setubal with the people from Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde and Brazil, who welcomed me and were already here. All of this contributed to the feeling that Setubal has conquered me. Portugal, Setubal and the IPS has come to me as a gift. I think that this experience would not be as good in another place as it was here. The expectation was to learn about other cultures and being here, not only with the Portuguese people but also with colleagues from other nationalities, expanded my horizons. The experience I had here was something I needed to live. Any expectation to learn and make friends was overcome. The ambience is more familiar, the city gives that impression, and the Portuguese people I met here were always very attentive. So, my integration was excellent.

The strongest aspect and the hallmark left in me by Setubal was living in the Residence because the social interaction is remarkable. I don't think I would be so happy if I wasn't living in the residence. Setubal has a welcoming nature, Setubal is different, it has a special charm. It has an ambience that makes you feel like home. It doesn't matter if you have a different accent or if your type of food is different, people will try to make you feel at home in some way.