Kalei João, 22 years old | Angola

"Setubal, IPS in particular, is qualified to train specialised staff"

Undergraduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering at IPS Setubal School of Technology

In Angola, there is a University, University of Belas that had a project to send students to Portugal for higher education training. I was a student in that University and so I embraced the project and came to Portugal, in particular to Setubal, because here there is the course of Mechanical Engineering and because since very early I wanted to do my higher education studies abroad to earn some prestige.

I found a good Institute and my course has qualified teachers willing to teach, especially when they deal with a foreign student because they want to convey their knowledge so we can take it to our country. My integration in the city was quick because when I study I like to be in quite places and Setubal has such tranquillity.

I consider this a positive experience because when you leave your country you want to get informed, to look for "baggage" and feel qualified to serve your country and I think that in Setubal, in particular in the IPS, I found this. IPS is qualified to train specialised staff. There are qualified teachers, good laboratories and ateliers, equipment and good conditions, and that is good because a good engineer has to be a practical engineer. I recommend Setubal because of the weather, the quite environment it provides to students and because there are leisure activities, plenty of leisure areas, parks, beaches, and the Luisa Todi Forum, which is a cultural house.