Nádia Mendes 19 years old | Cape Verde

"Setubal is a good city to study"

Undergraduate Degree in Human Resources Management at IPS School of Business Sciences

Setubal is a good city, it is a quite city to study, it has favourable characteristics that help it make it so. The tourist attractions have aroused my curiosity and that led me to choose Setubal as my first option. In Cape Verde, I have always heard that Setubal was a good city to study and that people were very friendly, nicer, and that also helped me a lot to make my choice. My integration in the city was easy and in IPS it was also not difficult at all, because teachers, staff and colleagues make you feel at home.

Living in the Residence is a unique experience; we learn a lot, we meet many people. I very much like to be in the Residence because it's 15 minutes away from school and in a Residence we are never alone, there are always colleagues willing to help you. The culture, the city, the gastronomy are aspects I give as reference to those who want to study in Setubal. It's an education of quality. We have highly qualified teachers and the school has an ambience, conditions and materials that allow and help students to reach their objectives.

My expectation is to finish my studies and live here in the future, find work, preferably in Setubal.