Hélder Pinto, 21 years old | Cape Verde

"People here are always helping others"

Undergraduate Degree in IT Systems Management at IPS School of Business Sciences

I have always heard good things about Setubal because I have friends who have always told me that this would be a better city to study. Setubal is different from other cities; it is more tropical, like Cape Verde. It's located near the beach, in summertime the weather is the same as Cape Verde, so I familiarized myself well with it. The education is good, more advanced. Here, the teachers are closer to the students and they explain better. Teachers are always with the students, helping them and giving them support and motivation to study.

People here are always helping others, they are caring, polite, aren’t afraid to fraternize. We can see straight away that they want the best for you, making sure that you do not miss your roots and your family, help you feel at home. The Students' Union and the coordination course team are always helping the students so nobody would get lost in the studies. My integration was very quick. Teachers, colleagues, staff, and everyone integrated me and I integrated myself with them. Here we teach about our culture and learn about other cultures. Everything is different, they are different people. Everything is open to other cultures.