Mirian Mendes, 24 years old | Cape Verde

"In Setubal we grow as human beings and gain maturity"

Master's Degree in Accounting and Finance at IPS School of Business Sciences

Setubal is a very quiet city and living here allows us to have a good studying environment. There are very pleasant areas where we can reflect a little about the work we do in IPS, like the Bela Vista Park, which has a beautiful view, and the beaches. All of this complements and gives us the tranquillity and serenity we need to focus on what has brought us here, studying!

I recommend everyone who wants to study outside their country to come to Setubal, you have much to gain, a lot of experience, we grow as human beings and we gain maturity. The experiences we live day by day, besides what we learn in school, help us be better and generous people in society.