José Santos, 26 years old | Sao Tome e Principe

"Setubal is a quiet place to study"

Undergraduate Degree in Environment Engineering at IPS Setubal School of Technology

As a rule, the education in Portugal is good. I started by doing some research, analysed the level of life, the cost of accommodation and the academic fees, and decided to come to IPS to collect more information. What made the difference were the prices. I noticed that here in Setubal students' lifestyle was cheaper.

Besides, I could see that Setubal had a lifestyle very similar to the one in my country (Sao Tome e Principe). The fact that Setubal is located on the coast means that basic food comes from the sea, fish, fried cuttlefish, which is one of the dishes I've always enjoyed! These little details made the difference in my choice. The lifestyle, the food, the culture, the fact that Setubal was a quieter region when compared with the big cities, and the beach, those things made the difference! People from my country, if they come here, they will feel rather at home because there is the sea, the weather is good and there is the Arrabida Mountain, which is magnificent and has a view that shows how amazing Setubal is!

People from Setubal are usually very humble, they give us all the information, and that makes our integration easier. I live in the Student Residence where there are always people that guide us and give us information and in IPS there is the "E+ Office", which is concerned in giving information and guiding the students. Both in IPS and in the region the integration process was very easy.